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10 Tips to Be More Eco-Friendly As a Digital Nomad

The remote work revolution has enabled many to adopt the digital nomad lifestyle and travel the world with their job. Here are 10 ways digital nomads can reduce their environmental impact while on the move.

Choose Sustainable Accommodations

Seek out eco-conscious lodging options like green hotels or properties utilizing solar power and sustainable building materials. Boutique accommodations tend to have greener practices than large resorts. For long-term stays, pick units with energy efficient appliances. Where possible, avoid disposable amenities and choose accommodations promoting recycling.

Bring a Reusable Water Bottle

Cut down on single-use plastic waste by always carrying a reusable water bottle like a folding Sigg bottle or collapsible Vapur rather than buying endless disposable bottles. Refill your bottle at water fountains, filtered water stations, your Airbnb tap or hotel bathroom sinks. Stay hydrated sustainably.

Pack a Reusable Utensil Set

Bringing your own reusable utensils avoids needing countless disposable forks, knives, spoons, and chopsticks while eating out. Keep a compact bamboo utensil set in your bag or get collapsible full utensil sets. For coffee and tea on the go, bring a reusable mug or tumbler.

Choose Public Transportation

Utilize buses, trains, ferries and metro systems to minimize your carbon footprint while exploring. Walking and cycling are even better low-impact options for shorter urban journeys. For longer regional trips, opt for trains over flying. Offsetting flight emissions by donating to carbon reduction projects also helps.

Dine at Sustainable Restaurants

Favor restaurants focused on local, ethically sourced produce, eco-conscious takeout packaging, and reducing food waste. Apps like HappyCow help find vegan/vegetarian spots which have lower environmental impact. Or pick restaurants hosting zero-waste pop-ups and farmers markets.

Stay at Eco-Conscious Hotels

Seek out accommodations with sustainability certifications demonstrating their environmental commitments. Green hotel practices may include renewable energy, linen/towel reuse programs, eco-friendly cleaning supplies, waste reduction policies, EV charging stations, locally sourced or low-impact dining options.

Choose Responsible Tours and Activities

When booking guided tours and excursions, vet providers for sustainable practices around energy use, waste, recycling, emissions offsets, treatment of animals and ecosystems. For instance, opt for wildlife tours that dont exploit animals. Choosing tour providers mindful of their environmental impact reduces your own.

Patronize Eco-Friendly Brands

Shop at businesses focused on organic, natural products, renewable materials, ethical manufacturing, and sustainability. The digital nomad community is full of eco-conscious clothing companies, gear makers, personal care brands. Support them over conventional brands with harsh supply chains.

Minimize Single-Use Toiletry Waste

The constant need to purchase then discard small bottles of shampoo, sunscreen, soap and other toiletries while traveling creates plastic waste. Bring solid, bar or powder versions of necessities to re-use durable containers. Seek out toiletries sold in recyclable paper or with minimal packaging. For longer stays, buy larger bottles to refill smaller reusable containers as needed.

Support Local Green Causes

Get involved with environmental initiatives in the communities you visit for a greater positive impact. Contribute time or donations to local conservation groups protecting ecosystems, promoting sustainability, or managing parks and green spaces. Spread awareness of local environmental issues. Participating locally leaves a meaningful legacy beyond your individual actions.

The rising eco-consciousness and sustainable options exist worldwide for discerning digital nomads committed to lowering their environmental footprint. By selecting responsible accommodations, transport, tours, brands and products, you can maintain green values everywhere. Small steps make a collective difference.

With some adjustments, digital nomads can reduce the environmental toll of frequent travel and belongings turnover. Your values live on beyond home - take eco-consciousness along in your backpack or carry-on.


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