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Holistic Living Experience at The Superior Living:

Outdoor Workspace Areas

Nestled in the foothills outside Denver lies The Superior Living, a holistic community centered around health, sustainability, and purposeful living. Among its many amenities are dedicated outdoor workspace areas where residents can enjoy fresh air and tranquility while working or learning remotely.

The Pergola Offers a Shaded Workspace

The cedarwood pergola structure near the community garden provides dappled shade under its overhanging beams and lattice roof. The space contains a large table with movable chairs that can be configured for small group workshops or individual work. The WiFi signal extends reliably to the pergola for residents needing internet access while working in nature. Throughout the day, the lush gardens surrounding the pergola attract butterflies and birds, offering pleasant sights and sounds for residents using the workspace. The pergola's natural ambiance fosters creativity, focus, and renewal while working outdoors.

Soak Up Inspiration at the Pavilion

Nestled alongside the pond sits an open-air pavilion with power outlets, lights, and WiFi to facilitate remote work. The tranquil environment helps residents maintain calm focus, whether collaborating with teammates or diving into solo projects. When you need a renewed perspective, take a meditative stroll around the pond and soak up the inspiring natural surroundings. The pavilion contains a large table suitable for spreading out materials along with a sitting area to take breaks to simply enjoy the wildlife. From this serene spot, residents can alternate between periods of industrious work and restorative contemplation.

The Observation Deck Promotes Focus

Perched on a hillside looking out over the mountains, the observation deck offers an elevated outdoor workspace. The fresh high-altitude air and panoramic views stimulate mental clarity and focus for residents working at the standing-height table or seated on stools. Since the deck is in a quiet, secluded spot, there are few sensory distractions. The area has solar-powered lighting and stable internet through the facility-wide network, enabling residents to work productively even as the sun goes down. The observation deck's combination of tranquility, inspiration, and facilities makes it ideal for uninterrupted work.

Flexible Courtyard Options

The center courtyard has multiple movable seating arrangements to accommodate different workspace needs. Residents can select from bistro tables for two, team tables for larger groups, lounge seating for casual meetings, and individual chairs for reading. The courtyard stays comfortably shady and cool even during the day's heat thanks to the surrounding buildings and vine-covered overhangs. For focused work, the area remains quiet with minimal foot traffic. Whether collaborating on a group presentation or writing a blog post, the courtyard presents a flexible workspace adapted to residents' needs while immersed in fresh air.

The Arboretum Grounds Inspire Creativity

For residents seeking an especially peaceful workspace immersed in nature, the arboretum grounds provide the perfect setting. Meander along winding garden pathways surrounded by diverse flowers, plants, and trees while contemplating creative projects or working through complex problems. Multiple benches are placed at inviting spots, whether overlooking the lily pond or tucked into a grove of birch trees. The natural diversity stimulates free-flowing thoughts and imagination. When you reach an illuminating insight, the WiFi extends across the arboretum to pause and capture your ideas. Let the biodiversity and scent of lavender reawaken your senses. The arboretum’s biodiverse plantings make it the ideal workspace for tapping into new levels of creativity.

Patios Connect You to Nature

The community dining area opens onto a large patio with tables and seating options ranging from single armchairs to large banquet tables. The patio’s covered sections allow work even on sunny days. Residents can easily step outside from the dining room to continue collaborating or take a phone call with ample personal space. Given the access to dining, the patio lends itself to day-long retreats and off site sessions. The fresh air and sunlight from the patio boosts energy and mental performance. Whether an intimate team meeting or structured all-day workshop, the patio provides a refreshing outdoor venue aligned with The Superior Living’s focus on health and nature. The Superior Living's assortment of thoughtfully designed outdoor work areas provide the ideal blend of natural tranquility and needed facilities. Residents can choose the setting best suited for their task while benefiting from the inspired atmosphere of open-air surroundings. The community makes it easy to incorporate healthy outdoor time into the workday.


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