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What Are The Benefits of Corporate Housing Over Standard Lets

Companies needing to temporarily house employees in a new city for projects, training, or relocation face a decision: opt for traditional leases or corporate housing. Corporate housing offers notable advantages over standard rental units.

Greater Flexibility in Duration

Unlike fixed 6-12 month standard leases, corporate housing allows stays ranging from one week to over a year. Companies can match the rental period precisely to assignment needs whether 3 weeks, 6 months, or anything in between. Corporate housing is leased month-to-month so you avoid locking into a lengthy lease if plans change. Stays can also be extended incrementally as needed, providing maximum flexibility.

Fully Furnished Units

Corporate housing comes fully furnished like a turnkey apartment so workers can be productive from day one. Standard kitchen appliances, cookware, linens, and laundry facilities eliminate shopping needs. Comfortable furniture, internet-connected TVs, and WiFi make downtime relaxing. Some corporate units also include laptops, printers, and office supplies. The all-inclusive furnishings and amenities keep employees focused on work, not setting up house.

Short Booking Lead Times

Unlike the tight rental market where standard leases require 2-3 months lead time, corporate housing can be booked in as little as 2-3 weeks. For sudden location changes or quick onboarding, corporate housing meets your urgent timing needs. Even last-minute bookings are often possible when demand allows. The accelerated move-in provides business agility.

Cost Efficiencies

Compared to long-term housing, corporate suites can significantly reduce per diem costs. With discounted rates for month+ stays alongside capped utility fees and zero upfront costs, companies realize savings over standard housing. Cleaning, maintenance, WiFi, and 24/7 support are covered for worry-free stays. The streamlined expense structure simplifies budgeting and reporting. Corporate deals offer economic advantages tailored for temporary business tenants.

Customizable Levels of Service

From basic corporate apartments to luxury executive suites, companies choose the amenities and services matching budget and preferences. Fully customized options add housekeeping, laundry and dry cleaning, airport transfers, catering, and concierge services. For special requirements like pets, EV charging or security features, corporate housing obliges. The tailored experience increases employee performance and satisfaction.

Ideal Locations

Corporate housing residences are strategically located near business districts, convention centers, transit hubs, and entertainment. Key placements reduce employees' commute times and allow easy access to dining, groceries, gyms and other conveniences near work areas or project sites. Premium locations let visitors experience the city like a local.

Dedicated Account Management

Personal account reps handle every detail from initial booking to final invoice. This dedicated service ensures smooth experiences through swift issue resolution, localized knowledge, and special requests. Account managers proactively support any needs that arise. The hands-on account relationships are a valued advantage over impersonal standard leasing.

Privacy and Independence

Unlike hotel rooms or shared rentals, corporate housing provides employees their own private, self-contained residence. Workers can enjoy full independence and space while away from home. Units range from studios to 2+ bedroom suites to accommodate teams. The comfortable accommodations and home-like amenities can improve morale for extended stays. Corporate housing grants privacy and autonomy missing from hotel living.

Streamlined Booking Process

Dedicated corporate housing providers simplify the rental process through online browsing, centralized applications, and eSignature lease-signing. Required documents like credit apps, pet forms, parking requests, etc. are submitted electronically via user portals. Digital payments and invoices further ease administration. The frictionless booking process reduces workload for relocation staff and HR. Corporate housing streamlines temporary housing logistics under one roof.

For short or interim employee stays, corporate housing delivers advantages over traditional long-term rentals through flexibility, amenities, costs, locations, and service. The tailored experiences increase productivity and satisfaction. As employee mobility grows, corporate housing provides an indispensable accommodation solution.


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